Online Lessons

Online Alexander Technique lessons available with Adrian Farrell MSTAT
Adrian Farrell MSTAT

I offer online lessons via Zoom to help you take control of your own learning.


The format is different to in-person lessons, and one of the benefits of distance learning is that it instills a much stronger sense of self responsibility right from the start. This is ultimately what we're aiming for regardless of the format. Although hands on guidance is always gratefully received, there is sometimes a grey area where the student feels as though it's therapy rather than education. We're called Alexander teachers for a reason, and online lessons makes that so much clearer for you as the student. It's clearer that I'm offering something for you to work with rather than me doing something to you.


The other obvious advantage to you is that you can take your lessons in the comfort of your own home, or where ever you happen to be. 


Online lessons have a tradition that, ironically, predates the internet as FM Alexander actually started his teaching practice by talking his students through his principles and observing them in activity giving verbal guidance.