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Effortless Guitar book, the Alexander Technique for guitar and bass players

Our new book, Effortless Guitar, in collaboration with GuitarVivo.com is a breakthrough in guitar education, dispelling myths and misinformation that has caused countless player's careers and progress to be cut short through injury. 

"This book should be an essential read for guitarists of any level - from the soft-fingered beginner through to the busiest of professionals." - Matt L Davis

Through his experience as an Alexander Technique teacher and lifelong guitarist, Adrian Farrell will show you how to unlock your playing potential, avoid strain related injuries, and develop technique for life. It also includes 6 hours of BONUS video lectures and masterclasses.

"Having spent years in music education, I've seen a lot of guitar students who have had trouble with pain from practising for long periods of time without really understanding what's happening. So this book is a god-send!" - Ian

 Adrian will you show the benefits of Alexander Technique for guitarists. Including things like: 

  • Reduced tension and effort
  • Better Postural understanding and positioning
  • Emotion and stage Fright management
  • How to better use the bodies natural mechanics
  • How to effectively develop speed and technique

This book is for anyone serious about guitar playing, whether or not you have any pre-existing injuries (eg Repetitive Strain Injury) or not. Find out how to practice safely and healthily, as well as discovering key physiological concepts that will help develop technique, performance ability, overcome stage fright and playing anxiety, and develop a deeper relationship with the instrument. 

"Full of unique and actionable insights that go way beyond just posture and tension. I was very surprised. A must read for all players" - Andrew Linch

Covering key electric guitar techniques, including:

  • String Bending
  • Barre Chords
  • Legato (Hammer-ons and Pull-offs)
  • Alternate Picking
  • Sweep Picking, and more.

Learn how these techniques should feel and how to execute them with elegance and minimal effort. Transforming the physical relationship with the instrument to practice for more hours a day and for more years to come. 

"I'm a personal trainer and hobby guitarist, I found the physiological and psychological approaches to playing really interesting." - James Brimble

Start your journey towards Effortless Guitar playing today!


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The Embodied Guitarist with the Alexander Technique
Adrian Farrell MSTAT


Traditionally we guitarists (and bass players) spend most of our attention on the guitar itself, despite it being an inanimate object. Not enough attention is placed on the active aspect, the musician, yourself. Ultimately it's not the guitar you are learning but yourself in relation to the guitar. You are the instrument! 


This is the classical musicians secret, learning how mind and body work in unison to enhance performance and prevent/overcome injury. 


All the major classical music colleges have Alexander Technique (AT) teachers available on campus, and it's equally relevant for contemporary guitar players. In fact, Robert Fripp (King Crimson, David Bowie  Peter Gabriel) includes it as an integral part of his guitar workshops and Sting even used to take his Alexander teacher out on tour with him.


Online lessons

Get in touch on 07808612510 or adrian@alexander-technique.london

Benefits of the Alexander Technique for Guitarists

  • Overcome and prevent playing related pain and injury
  • Improved coordination 
  • Improved endurance 
  • Improved timing
  • Easier breathing
  • Be more present

If you're unfamiliar with AT,  in the simplest terms, it's a form of embodied mindfulness, but it's implications run deep and wide. For example, An NHS funded gold standard randomised trial performed at Southampton university has shown it to be clinically effective for back pain. And a randomised control trial run by the Department of Health Services at the University of York, and funded by Arthritis Research UK, showed that there was a statistically significant and clinically relevant reduction in pain even after a year of initial lessons.


If you have heard of AT before, it's so much more than simply being about posture. The originator of the Technique F.M.Alexander said of his own work that it was about "dealing with the stimulus of living!"


The guitar pedagogue Jamie Andreas wisely wrote "what you are as a person is what you are as a guitarist", and that's really where I come in. I want to make the important distinction that whilst I'm primarily an AT teacher,  I'll also be your guitar coach rather than a guitar teacher, and what I show you will apply to many aspects of your life. I work to compliment any guitar lessons you may be having. 


A Guitarists Tale

Bradley is a professional musician who was suffering from career threatening RSI.

The Alexander Technique for guitarists
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