Video Tutorials and Top Tips

Standing Up

This is a very common mistake people make when going to stand up. It's like trying to pull yourself up by your boot straps!

Correcting Sway Back Posture

A simple trick to help you correct sway back posture without having to worry about getting anything right. Trying to get things "right" always leads to more tension!

Using Your Mobile Phone

Simply put, bring the phone to you, technology can't harm you, it's how you use it!


The only thing you can do with your breath is interfere with it! Here's a simple trick to help reset your breathing. It's a bit like turning your computer off and back on to get it running smoothly again.

Alexander Technique Exercise

More of an exploration than an exercise, it helps you to see how much you negatively react to movement creating unnecessary interference patterns. It's also a great way to see why you arrive at your chair already collapsed and slouching when you go to sit. It happens before you reach the chair! You can read the associated blog post to this video here.

Correcting Forward Head Posture

Here's some top tips on how to sit at your computer workstation with ease and poise.