Using the Alexander Technique to reduce absenteeism caused by Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)

Have you ever felt that your computer posture is causing any extra stress on your body? Do you often suffer from pain and ache in the neck, shoulder blades and lower back? Are headaches, digestive problems, breathing difficulties and eye strain affecting your work? All of the above mentioned things are symptoms of Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) which is caused by sitting at a work desk or in front of PC for long hours every day, without any significant body movement and eyes always fixed on the screen or a file trying to meet the deadlines. If you feel any discomfort while working, it is clearly a sign that you are doing something wrong. Usually people don’t take these pains seriously as they disappear after they go back home and relax. But if you continue like that and keep working in the poor posture, eventually your muscles and bones will get stiff and the poor posture will become a cause of some serious suffering that you will face your entire life.


The numb feeling in your fingers, hands or shoulders should be taken seriously and you must take it as a sign to take serious action instantly. Such numbness could not only prevail but could also lead to a much more aggressive effect such as disorders in the upper limb this is mostly known as RSI. This condition’s treatment is next to impossible and could lead to the person changing jobs in severe cases. In a world where almost every field of life requires the use of computers this could have seriously deadly implications on ones financial conditions. 


RSI is mostly caused by a number of repetitive, forceful and rapid movements. It can also be caused when the muscles are over worked or overused. Sitting or working in an uncomfortable position or trying to maintain a posture in a very unnatural manner that exerts unusual amounts of strain are also usual causes of RSI.


Some of the most common symptoms of RSI are: 

  • Increasing numbness      
  • Tickling and burning feeling in the muscles
  • Failure to grasp objects due to poor muscle coordination       
  • Intense and sharp pain


RSI is mostly caused at the tendons that connect the muscles to the bones. These tendons are thus found in joints and are known to generate movements. It has been observed that the majority of people who suffer from RSI are those that work on their laptops or at a manufacturing plant or those that exercise a particular form of exercise that does them more harm than good. 


Once you can identify the exact spot at which the damage has occurred you can then eliminate all actions that could cause further harm and damage to that particular tendon or muscle

Using Alexander Technique to prevent RSI

The Alexander Technique is a much more effective method than traditional medication used to heal RSI. This technique is focused on improving the dynamic posture and the movements of a person. It enables you to sit with more poise and is used to teach how stress on your body can be reduced by following simple steps. Alexander technique is one of the best and most effective methods to get rid of pains caused by Repetitive Stress Injury (RSI). Many researchers have shown that various serious pains are associated with RSI which is caused by poor posture at work. This can be easily minimized by learning Alexander Technique.


You can easily learn Alexander Technique with the help of experts and certified practitioners. They will teach you how to correct your posture in order to minimize the chances of RSI. It reduces the stress that your body has to bear while you work. People usually don’t understand  how important their sitting posture is to reduce injury to the body and the extent to which stress causes it. Alexander Technique assesses everyday routine, physical characteristics and working hours of each person, and then proposes the best postures to reduce the chances of RSI. So every person gets a unique lesson which maximizes the impact of Alexander Technique.


After learning the Alexander technique, you will find out how effective it is in reduction of physical stress endured by your body. It automatically reduces all the pains and fatigue that you have to face every day. Not only this but also the chances of RSI are reduced drastically. Alexander technique doesn't include any medicine or surgery. It is a very simple that focuses on correcting your childhood habits of movement and sitting posture that may be causing undue stress on your body while you are working and may ultimately become a cause of RSI.


Corporate companies and employers can easily reduce the effect of RSI on the productivity and profits of whole British industry. By simple training programs involving Alexander Technique they can ensure better health and well being of their employees. This not only increases the productivity and efficiency of the company but also motivates the employees to work harder to achieve desired results. Repetitive Stress Injury (RSI) is a much more serious thing than many of us think. It is a major cause of absenteeism which ultimately leads to reduction in production and profits. By introducing the Alexander technique across the whole British industry, we can certain improve the productivity and efficiency in every department.