International Alexander Technique Awareness Week 2017

Alexander Technique awareness week. Using Semi-supine to alleviate stress

Stress? Take it Lying Down

International Alexander Technique Awareness Week is happening from 9th of October 2017 and is focused on ways to combat the effects of stress through Constructive Rest and embodied mindfulness.


I have a number of articles in the Huffington Post related to this theme that you may wish to read: What is StressAlexander Technique Exercise, It’s as Easy as Lying Down! and The Mind-Body Myth / You Are Not Your Brain.


To celebrate I am offering a 3 for 2 deal on new lessons through out October.


Employed by multinational companies including Google and the BBC to help staff cope with the challenges of office life, the technique also stretches into fields as diverse as running, cycling, swimming and playing a musical instrument. 


The Alexander Technique can help your; 

  • Stress
  • Breathing problems
  • Posture/poise
  • Back pain, neck and shoulder pain
  • Computer related RSI


It's been clinically proven via NHS funded gold standard randomised trials for back pain and is also endorsed by, a lottery funded organisation.


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