Beyond Good Posture: Unlocking Your Full Potential with the Alexander Technique

The importance of maintaining good posture is frequently emphasized as an aspect of good health, especially with back and neck pain issues, but can also include other issues such as with breathing. However, the Alexander Technique, despite being best known for posture, goes beyond the conventional notion of posture, offering a holistic approach to self-use that encompasses physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Let's look into why using yourself efficiently in the Alexander Technique goes beyond the mere pursuit of good posture.

Awareness of Movement Patterns

The Alexander Technique focuses on improving awareness of your movement patterns, encouraging you to observe and understand how you use your body in various activities. This heightened awareness extends beyond achieving an upright posture to encompass the nuances of everyday movements, encouraging a more mindful and intentional approach to physical actions.

Release of Tension and Stress

Unlike a rigid focus on maintaining a static "correct" posture, the Alexander Technique emphasizes the release of unnecessary tension to achieve a mobile balance. The issue is often not so much what you should do, but what you can't stop doing. By letting go of habitual muscular and mental tension, you experience a profound sense of relaxation. This not only contributes to physical comfort but also helps alleviate stress and anxiety, promoting overall mental well-being.

Efficient Use of Energy

The Technique teaches you to use your self with optimal efficiency by recognizing how gravity positively supports you and how thinking habits can lead to interference. This means that movements become more economical, requiring less energy for the same tasks. This efficiency extends to both physical activities and mental processes, enhancing productivity and reducing fatigue.

Woman with good posture gardening
The Alexander Technique applies to all activities.

Integration of Mind and Body

The Alexander Technique recognizes the unity of mind and body, what F.M Alexander called Psycho-physical Unity, or simply the Self as a shorthand. It goes beyond the surface level of posture, addressing the mental and emotional aspects of self-use. Through mindful movement and coordination, you learn to synchronize your thoughts, emotions, and physical actions, encouraging a harmonious integration of mind and body, otherwise known simply as poise.

Enhanced Performance in Daily Activities

By honing the skills of self-awareness and efficient movement, you can experience improved performance in your daily activities. Whether it's sitting at a desk, walking, or engaging in sports, the Alexander Technique provides a foundation for optimal functioning in various aspects of life.

Long-Term Well-Being

Unlike quick-fix solutions that focus solely on achieving a specific fixed posture, the Alexander Technique offers a long-term approach to well-being. It equips you with the tools to continuously refine your self-use, adapting to the evolving demands of life and maintaining a sustainable foundation for health and vitality. 


The effectiveness of the Alexander Technique in addressing back pain has been been given support through gold standard randomized trials funded by the NHS, and the outcomes have been documented in the British Medical Journal. This approach is endorsed by and Dentists Provident, the primary health insurers for the dental profession in the UK.


Moreover, in accordance with NICE guidelines, the NHS and Parkinson's UK advocate the Alexander Technique as a valuable tool for managing Parkinson's symptoms and enhancing overall quality of life, including improvements in balance, coordination, and mobility.



Using yourself well in the Alexander Technique extends far beyond the superficial pursuit of good posture. It involves cultivating awareness, releasing tension, using energy efficiently, integrating mind and body, and ultimately enhancing overall performance and well-being. By embracing this comprehensive approach, you can unlock your full potential, promoting a lifetime of health, balance, and mindful living.

man with good posture playing pool
The Alexander Technique can help you with your hobbies and interests.

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