Your Emotions & Your Posture

This is a follow on from my vlog entitled Change Your Thinking, THEN Your Posture. Part two if you like.

In a previous vlog I mentioned how F.M.Alexander saw his work as dealing with the stimulus of living, and that was discussing our reaction to an external stimulus. But we also have an internal experience/life that we can react to. Our emotional state is also a stimulus.. 


As you physically follow your awareness, it should be no surprise that you collapse when you concentrate on your inner experience. It's possible to build a new relationship with that so that your experience is more inclusive.

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If you have any questions about how the Alexander Technique could help you, please do get in touch, I'm happy to answer any queries you may have.

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    Adrian Farrell MSTAT (Thursday, 05 December 2019 14:15)

    A colleague has just asked me "what's wrong with displaying vulnerability?"

    And it's a good question, because in a safe environment there's nothing wrong with it, and could be a very valid and necessary communication.

    My assumption in the video was that we were talking about situations where you'd consider the environment not to be a safe place, to coin a phrase, or that the timing wasn't one in which you feel it was beneficial to a situation.

    Even in simple office politics I've observed it over and over that some people instinctively pick up on this and command a situation due to the physical cues given off by others.