Daniel's Alexander Technique Experience

Daniel discovered that he has learned to move normally again after a suffering a diving accident, that his confidence has been given a boost and he's much calmer. He's been so happy with the results that he's embarked on an Alexander Technique teacher training course!

Alexander Technique student review

Bradley's Story, A Guitarist's Tale

Bradley had career threatening RSI, but after 14 lessons with me is now recovered with a new level of enthusiasm to playing and making music. As a guitarist myself I really enjoy working with fellow guitar players and fully understand the problems guitarist's face.

Alexander Technique Testimonial by Lynne Neale

"I'm enjoying my lessons with Adrian as he has an interesting way of describing things and we've had some good conversations about aspects of the Alexander Technique.


It's fascinating how the work shines a spotlight on areas of daily life. For example, immediately after my last lesson I went into the garden to wind in the awning and noticed how much easier it was because my back and arms were naturally working in a more co-ordinated way. I usually find this a challenge physically as I'm wheelchair bound, but just struggle with it anyway. This contrast of ease versus struggle made me realise that now my muscles are getting a weaker, even when they were more co-ordinated, this was a task I should no longer be doing because it was too taxing. I'd never stopped to think about it before.


Another bonus is that I don't mind doing the washing up now!  Previously I considered it a boring chore. Now I just do it because it needs doing.


In both cases there has been a change in my mindset from struggle to facing reality, and from dislike to pragmatism, all because Adrian's teaching has encouraged more integration into my way of being."


Lynne Neale, 2018

Alexander Technique Google Reviews

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Alexander Technique and Craniosacral 5 star Google review
Alexander Technique 5 star Google review

"I decided to take Alexander Technique lessons with Adrian for my work related upper limb disorder after reading one of those self- help books on RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury). This book recommended the Alexander Technique as a unique system for the self- management of bodily stress that is so often deeply ingrained with RSI conditions. Previously, I had struggled with physiotherapy exercises for my RSI, because I found the exercises prescribed “repetitive” in themselves, which made me agitated and frustrated. I initially intended to take just 10 Alexander Technique lessons to get an idea and see if it helped, but I have continued to take weekly lessons for some time now, because I enjoy the release the Alexander Technique gives me from persistent pain, tightness and stress.


What each person gets out of undertaking the Alexander Technique is truly a personalised journey (this really is not a cop out phrase). Here are some of my highlights of my journey thus far to give a few ideas.


On my very first lesson with Adrian we worked at releasing my very tight right hand and arm. I hadn’t really realised it was “that tight” until Adrian asked me if I knew that I was doing that! As I left that first lesson, walked down Regents Street and boarded the tube, I found myself continually glancing over at my hand and arm, as if to see something different than my own arm! It felt that alien to me. That level of muscle tightness has not returned since.


When I first started going to lessons my co-ordination really did “suck.” It turns out that you really can stand through your heels and bend your knees and hips in succession (who would have thought it :)). I have since found that this sequence of events provides a far better platform on which to stand than my usual forward posture. This alone has helped me with periodic toe pain, as it changes your centre of gravity. I am also now able to walk much faster and upright too. 


My RSI has caused me to develop quite severe sleep problems, so in subsequent lessons Adrian worked hard to help me with my sleeplessness and I now have a strategy in place that helps.


The tension in my shoulders has continued to improve with lessons. I no longer feel like I am carrying an invisible rucksack everywhere I go.


Adrian is a thoughtful teacher that has an ability to tailor lessons to an individual’s needs sensitively. Regardless of a person’s physical ability the Alexander Technique is accessible and indeed possible. I would highly recommend trying lessons with Adrian if you are in chronic pain."

Dr Stacey Clift, Learning and Development Specialist, 2016

"I had always wanted to do the Alexander technique since I was a teenager, but you know how it goes - you work and work and suddenly you turn 40 and havent done half the things you said you'd do ! Anyway, 2 years I came down with a virus which manifested into M.E and along with the illness one of the symptoms I had was terrible TMJ , meaning my jaw was always clenched and painful. Due to the fact that I needed to take things slower I suddenly found myself with more time and so decided to do the Alexander technique as a treat to myself. To be honest I had no idea what to expect and the lessons have exceeded all expectations and I couldn't believe the hidden benefits they have offered, - way more than I ever thought. Doing the AT taught me to be calmer and less 'reactive" so it helped with my M.E enormously as often it is worse when i am stressed or rushed - from a business perspective the AT helped me be more confident with clients , and from a personal one, I do feel generally stronger and healthier and happier. and more zen - However, without a doubt the greatest thing it has given me is that my TMJ has virtually disappeared. Adrian really helped me with this and went out of his way to tailor part of the technique towards treating this miserable disorder- so much so that I have recommended it to other M.E sufferers I know who also suffer from TMJ. I continue to take lessons each week and absolutely love it- Adrian makes them fun and also insightful and the benefits have been extraordinary."

Michelle de Vries, Music Publisher, 2014

"I've been seeing Adrian for roughly 9 months, and I couldn't recommend his services enough. I'm loath to stress this too much lest his diary become too busy to fit me in....


I came to Adrian with back problems stemming from an old injury - a pain exacerbated by sitting in front of an office computer for 9 hours a day.  Adrian was immediately friendly and insightful as to the nature of the problem, and our sessions have helped me to become much more comfortable day to day. 

AT is a very individual process, so each person will gain something different from it.  In my case, AT has taught me practical techniques for sitting, typing, breathing, and even running.  I've incorporated these easily into my life outside the sessions, which I think is key in bringing about as much change as possible.  

In a more general sense, and of the most significance for me, Adrian has taught me how to be more relaxed and focused in my wider life.  This has made a genuine difference to my happiness and to the way that I approach tasks and those around me.


On my experience, I would highly recommend Adrian as an AT practitioner, particularly for those who have had long-term problems that seem resistant to change or those who work at a desk / in front of a computer for long periods of time.  Even after 6 months I still look forward to our weekly sessions - besides the long term good they do, it is a rare treat in a busy London life to take 45 minutes out to focus on yourself, and be guided through a new practice."

Anthea Bell, Development Manager, 2014

"When I came to my first Alexander Technique session I must admit I was a little sceptical. However, since then my lower back pain has gone completely and I find that it has helped me to be more relaxed in every day life and has consequently helped me in numerous different ways in my life. I would like to thank you for your patience and professionalism and on going a great way to delivering what I hoped to get out of the sessions when I first started."


Jon Sonenfeld, Stockbroker, 2013

"My first AT session seems to have done wonders already. Not sure if it's my mind which is now convinced my back is getting better or my body which tries to relax and reduce or eliminate the pain. Probably a bit of both.Thanks so much. I look forward to next week's session."


Stella, Artist, 2013

"I came to Adrian with very tight shoulders and he did an excellent job of helping me release them. Adrian's insights really helped me notice my tension habits that were causing me pain."


Kabir, Project Manager, 2012

"Adrian is a very warm-hearted, genuine teacher, who also has a very intelligent and broad understanding of the Alexander Technique."


Laura Long, Singing teacher and performer, 2012