DSE Workstation Assessments

Most office work requires that we spend much of our time sat in front of a computer. Although ergonomically designed furniture provides an advantage to the user, it provides no guarantee to how the person will actually use it themselves.


As a trained DSE (display screen equipment) assessor I am available to come to your home or office to provide a DSE workstation assessment.  The assessment is a legal requirement by your employer and ensures that your workstation provides the best "mechanical advantage" to you so that you can get the best out your working environment, although it is possible to slouch in even the most expensive of ergonomic chairs.


A standard DSE assessment merely mentions the desirability of good posture and the assessor commonly has no training on how to actually achieve a this.


I can show you how to best use your working environment and realise that the solution to your problems is not more expensive furniture.  A good chair has certain minimal requirements, but it need not be expensive. There are also solutions that allow you to stand whilst using display screen equipment that can work well depending on the style of your work.


In addition to the standard DSE assessment I will also provide:


  • a one-to-one Alexander Technique lesson to improve postural awareness
  • before and after photos of your posture
  • a detailed report on habitual patterns of tension and postural issues
  • an intervention plan


British businesses lose an estimated 4.9 million days to employee absenteeism through work related back pain. If you broaden that to musculoskeletal problems, which includes back pain, neck and upper limb problems (RSI), this increases to 31 million. The average number of days lost annually per sufferer is around 19 with over 30% of employers accident litigation cases being accounted to back pain. Additionally, over 13 million days are lost to stress and anxiety.


"About 44 million workers in the EU have musculoskeletal disorders caused by their workplace"  - BBC

Alexander Technique helps in the workplace
Strict health and safety legislation has helped reduce the amount of injuries incurred in manual labor jobs but office workers are not being properly addressed.

Effectiveness of Alexander Technique in the corporate sector            


Employers have certain responsibilities towards their employees. By fulfilling these responsibilities, employers can gain dual advantage. It not only improves efficiency but also enhances the relationship with employees, which makes them feel good about their work and motivates them towards working harder. Employers should employ the Alexander Technique to improve productivity and efficiency in their company. Let’s see how Alexander Technique can help in the corporate sector.


Enhancing productivity and efficiency


Alexander Technique can be used in corporate training programs to make employees work in a healthier and more productive environment. The Alexander Technique is very effective in different sectors of corporate life and can be used to make improvements in various different departments in a company. By using this technique to enhance working environment, a company can improve overall efficiency and productivity at work. Alexander Technique is a proven method of boosting performance at both the individual and combined level.


Improving stamina


As mentioned earlier, Alexander technique helps in minimizing the aches and pains, and reduces overall stress in the body. It effectively helps to improve your stamina, by showing you how to do less, which further enables you to work for extended periods. You can work longer and still stay fresh without the usual signs of fatigue or tiredness.


Clearer Thinking


Alexander technique uses better posture, movement and breathing habits to help you to bring out your healthier self. It not only helps you physically but also mentally. It helps you in thinking much more clearly and improves your decision making. It makes work much easier and you can deliver better results.


Managing Stress


At work you have to deal with all sorts of physical and mental stress. You have to work for long hours and you have to deal with mental stress trying to meet deadlines and expectations. This stress can have adverse effect on your productivity and health. Alexander technique uses better breathing habits and postures which help your body in working to its maximum limit without feeling any kind of stress. You stay fresh and get the desired results in even the most stressful of situations.