Halloween Cubicle Horror - how are you coping at work?

Imagine the horror of being confined to a tiny cubicle working a virtual job where your only task is to press buttons on a keyboard as you get hypnotically sucked into a glaring screen. With Franz Kafka in the cubicle to your left and Edgar Allen Poe to the right it's a distopian nightmare of modern work life. A raven perches atop the cubicle wall calling you to work faster and faster, generating deadlines by the dozen as you collapse further and further into your chair with a mind overloaded to the point of shutting down, your back screaming and your wrists contorted in pain. If only someone would help and give you the key to the way out.

The irony is you don't need someone to give you the key, you already hold it, and the Alexander Technique can show you how to use it so that you are free from the demands of working life, letting you be the boss of the way you work and interact with your environment. No more collapsing and slouching, no more mind racing ahead of itself.  no more pain.


I want to offer this vision of hope to all office workers, if you work in HR and your company has a wellness program please get in touch to see how the Alexander Technique can benefit your company, as it has for the likes of Google, Victorinox, Clifford Chance. ICI, BBC and Whitehall/Treasury.

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    michaela wohlgemuth (Sunday, 02 November 2014 12:57)

    Really helpful information, very clear. Anatomical easy to understand how to backtrack the fingers/ hands/ arms back into our back while working. Especially useful for office workers suffering with RSI.

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    adrianfarrell (Sunday, 02 November 2014 15:07)

    Thanks Michaela, much appreciated. AT doesn't have to be devilishly difficult to explain ;-)